BUNN Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer


When you want coffee done right, it’s time to get a BUNN machine. The BUNN Velocity Brew 10-Cup Brewer can give you everything that you’re looking for in a coffee machine and then some – starting with the carafe.

No Drip Carafe

One of the biggest complaints that coffee lovers everywhere have is that so many carafes drip. The carafes drip onto the warming plate, onto the counter, and sometimes onto people as the coffee is being poured.

Not only is that irritating, but hot coffee spills can be dangerous. With that in mind, BUNN brings you the no drip carafe. This one won’t drip on the plate, the counter or on you. That’s because the lid and the spout are designed to work together to prevent spills.

Rather than the coffee dribbling down the side of the carafe, the design causes the liquid to arch away from the carafe and keeps any extra coffee or water in the container while you’re pouring it.

Better Brew – Less Bitterness

When you look in the machine, you’ll notice that it has a spray head. This design is used in top quality machines to give coffee lovers a better brewing experience. What this design does is completely wets the grounds and in turn it lowers the acidity and bitterness of the coffee.

‘Always Hot’ Water Tank

You end up with a smooth, flavorful cup every time thanks to this design. The machine has many great features, but one in particular is a favorite among coffee lovers. The hot water reservoir is stainless steel so it helps keep the water hotter than plastic water containers.

This is known as the always hot water tank. It holds the coffee optimal temperature of around 200 degrees. This is why this machine can outshine other coffee brewers.

Brews Coffee Fast

Another thing people love about this coffeemaker is that it can deliver the coffee to you fast.

After you put in the coffee, the water and set it to brew, it takes 3 minutes to make the pot. You can enjoy your favorite coffee in record time whenever you want it.

Vacation Switch

One feature that you’ll find comes in handy is the Vacation Switch.  You can shut off the heat to the machine when you know you’re not going to want a pot of coffee for a time.

Flat Bottom Filter

It has a flat bottom filter, which works to give better saturation of the coffee grounds.  When the grounds get the right amount of hot water poured over them, you end up with more of the flavor from the coffee.

Brew A Lot, Or A Little

With this model, you have the option of brewing between 4 to 10 cups of coffee.  Brew a lot or a little, whatever you need.

If you want a fast coffee machine that delivers a great tasting cup, then this machine will do the job.  It is designed to brew day in, day out with no fuss.  Perfect for any home that needs a reliable machine with good capacity.