How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee At Home


Coffee at HomeAre you finding it difficult to enjoy your coffee at home?

Do you enjoy the coffee you buy but find it doesn’t taste as good when brewed at home?

It might also be that buying a cup of coffee daily is starting to chew up a bit of money.

Any of these reasons is a great one for starting to try and make a great cup of coffee at home. It is an art, but one that you can quickly master. Not only that, it can save you a lot of money over time to make your coffee at home.

To get you started, here are some tips on how to make a great cup of coffee at home.

1. Keep It Clean

A dirty coffee maker is the number one culprit for brewing bad coffee. Before you even start, clean your coffee maker if it isn’t already clean. Even better, clean it after you finish making a cup so it is ready to go next time.

Every machine will be different so follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean it after brewing each time.

You will also need to give it a more thorough clean every so often. Again there will be instructions on how to do this for your particular machine. Taking the time to clean your machine will not only make better coffee but also increase the life of the machine.

2. What Is The Best Machine?

There can be a huge price range in coffee makers – from $25 to $250 or even more. So why is there such a big price range?

It’s simple.

The expensive machines do make a better cup of coffee due to superior quality and materials. Because of this, it is best to buy the best you can afford. Made with stainless steel and materials other than plastic, the higher-priced machines will preserve the flavor of the coffee over time.

Also, the more expensive machines will get the water hotter. This makes a difference in taste.

If you can’t afford a brand new, expensive machine, try garage and yard sales, or other second hand marketplaces. These are great places to pick up a high quality machine for a lot less money.

Another option is to use a French press instead of a coffee machine. These are a lot more affordable than a machine. Plus, many people believe a French press is the ideal way to make the perfect cup of coffee.

3. Choose Your Water Wisely

Tap water can ruin the taste of your coffee. Of course, this can depend on where you are as some tap water is better than others. Over time any tap water will lead to calcification in your machine. But if you have hard tap water, this will happen a lot faster.

The best results for coffee are obtained from filtered water. Make sure it is fresh and cold for best results.

4. The Magic Beans

Coffee BeansWith a clean machine, fresh, cold and filtered water, it’s now time to talk coffee beans.

Like many foods, coffee beans can go stale, and quickly. If you don’t buy beans but opt for pre-ground coffee, this will go stale too. So buy in smaller quantities that can be used within a week.

The best cup of coffee will come from whole coffee beans. So if you want the best, invest in a grinder and buy whole beans. Look for high-quality beans, not typical mass-produced stuff and store them properly.

A good idea is to buy beans from the local coffee shop. If you have bought coffee there and enjoyed it in the past, then take the beans home and make your own.

5. Making Your Coffee

The ratio of beans to water is one you will need to play around with as everyone’s taste is different. But, as a general rule of thumb, start with 2 tablespoons of freshly-ground coffee to 6-ounce cup of water.

If you want a bit more strength, add an extra tablespoon of beans. Keep adjusting the quantities until you get it right for you.

6. Drink Up

To get the best flavor and coffee experience, drink it as soon as possible after it’s brewed. Also, to ensure it doesn’t lose flavor too quickly, brew it in small batches.

So that’s it. Now you know how to make a great cup of coffee and enjoy your brew at home. Experiment with different beans and enjoy new flavors regularly. It will become an addiction.